Saturday, June 30, 2012

Starting on oDesk

If you mentally prepared now to start your mission on oDesk, then lets go to discover the success. Go to oDesk. Here you will find some option like: Hire Contractors, Find Work,How it Works. then Log in and Sign up. For more details please see this picture.

You will find All kinds of information for your clarifications.
Now after reading those info well. Please click Sign up button and fill-out all the required information. Oh is it difficult for you? No matter I am always ready to
help you.First try to understand all the required fields and
then think you will able to fill-out or not. If you can then
continue your way. Or If can not do well then you willcontinue too. How......?
I will help you to continue your way.

Just on my next post. 

Good Luck to you.

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