Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creating Account As a Beginner :

First at the beginning stage you have to create an account on oDesk . Go to www.odesk.com and click on Want a job? Sign up! button. Enter your first name, Last name. Think a name is Habibul Bashar. here Habibul is the first name and Bashar is the second name. Now enter your email, city, select your country where you are living at present. Then select a user name. Ex: habibulbashar/ habibulbashar123/habibul007 etc which will accepted oDesk. Then enter a password and again enter same password. After that select that how have you heard about oDesk. Now enter the security code showing below here and there with a lot of noisy writing. You have to write only the clear showing word. Now check again all the fields is filled properly. Then click Get Started.
Your journey  to earn From oDesk is started just now.

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